Nutrition psychology

...get to know yourself and your needs, and learn to claim these.

You may find this sentence surprising—but this is what it’s all about.
The occurrence of hunger, thirst and saturation belongs to the biology of basic needs of the body. These are called primary needs in nutrition psychology. However, beside this survival mechanism, our eating behavior is also governed by secondary needs that influence our eating behavior (external stimuli, rational and pseudo-rational attitudes, variety of food). Starting with prenatal impressions, upbringing, life experiences and their change. In short: Our emotions, preferences and the environment we live in govern our eating behavior.

Our needs

If we acted based on our primary needs, ate intuitively and stopped as soon as we were saturated, you would not be reading this site now. Take the example of children who grow up without commands and bans, eating healthy and unhealthy food items.

I would love to help you to find your own way from the dilemma of strict control, diets, apps and other gadgets to finding an enjoyable lifestyle that fits you and is expedient. A lifestyle that conforms to your personality structure and contains no more sacrifice, self-denial and excessive exercise.