...and I consciously didn’t choose the word diet

Do you feel the same? When I hear the word diet, I automatically think about «healthy versus unhealthy», «good versus bad», «this is allowed versus this is not allowed». Nowadays, dieting is a substitute for religion; it gives you a feeling of membership and identification, and it also tells something about group membership that meets a basic need.

This sounds good, but it is a topic determining our daily life and we think about it all the time.

«From tomorrow on I eat no more chocolate», «carbohydrates make you fat», «fat makes you fat»— the list could go on. The common thing is: Classification into «good and bad food», «this is allowed and this is not allowed», green and red lists of food and the fitting behavior—at least for a while.

«Be aware of yourself, know your needs and learn to claim them. The way to self-love goes through self-care ».

Alexandra Weber

To go forward

There is no bad food. The dose makes the poison, as Paracelsus used to say.

Eating is meaningful and sensual, and we are lucky at our latitude to be able to choose. A delightful attitude to eating makes a conscious and intuitive eating behavior possible. The more relaxed your relation to eating is, the more you listen to your body and eat based on your needs, the slimmer and more energetically you live.

I would love to help you in that